Cargo Coverage Reinvented

Rip up the rule book when it comes to insuring cargo
Cargo insurance coverage is outdated and inefficient. Breeze works to solve this through its fully automated and digital insurance solution backed by AI, big data and its industry-first machine learning platform.
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Benefits To Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarders are able to focus on their core business of powering global trade, while Breeze takes care of the complicated logistics involved in protecting their customers' cargo.

Better Cargo Coverage

Everyday millions of underinsured or uninsured cargo is transported globally. Customers are regularly without the correct insurance cover, often without their knowledge. Know that your cargo is covered by adding instant “all-risk” coverage per shipment. Breeze provides streamlined, instant cover, bringing customer obsession to the forefront of the industry.

Additional Revenues With Zero Costs

Breeze's technology is free, fully integrates with both freight forwarders and shippers operational systems, and generates instant quotes and coverage options for every shipment. Grow your revenue by correlating protection with individual shipment risk. Acquire new business by offering smarter, guaranteed protection.

Claim Handling And Risk Profile Visibility

Breeze fully manages end-to-end claims processing with no data entry or additional resources required. Breeze provides automated, rapid claims handling with instant payouts. Breeze leverages its data and machine learning platform to allow freight forwarders to see their overall risk profile, resulting in better premiums and operational processes.

How Breeze Works


We integrate with your data, using our API connection enabling instant quotes and coverage. This is completely done by us, while fully controlled by you. We use the highest industry standards of data security. It takes a few days to complete and we have dedicated account managers and engineers available 24/7 to provide support where needed.

Distribution Plan

With your shipment data, our proprietary AI and machine learning models create a distribution plan which is based on your unique profile. For example, some of our customers move a lot of perishable items and we tailor our distribution plan accordingly. This plan is created by us and approved by you, requiring no implementation costs.

Cargo Coverage

Once we finalise the distribution plan, we use our innovative technology and team of distribution experts to distribute cargo coverage to customers. We typically own this end-to-end without any changes to your existing processes, however some freight forwarders want to own this element. These partners receive comprehensive training and full access to our platform.

Revenues, Reporting and Data Visibility

Using our state-of-the-art dashboard you will be able to see how many policies we distributed, how many claims were settled and the amount of revenue generated. Using your data and our new age technology, we provide you with your unique business risk profile and advise you on how to improve in order to make your operations safer.

Our Story

Breeze came together to bring customer obsession to the world of cargo insurance. We leverage innovative technology and data to provide better pricing, instant policies and extremely swift claim settlements. We aim to ensure that all cargo around the world is properly covered against the growing number of risks to global trade. Current estimations are that ~70% of global trade isn’t properly insured today. Through Breeze, freight forwarders and our wider partners can better protect their shipments, provide better service to their customers and ultimately generate more revenues.

We allow freight forwarders to keep doing what they do best - powering global trade - while Breeze is constantly looking after their cargo insurance needs.  Breeze is able to provide this with no additional cost, resources or changes to the existing forwarding processes. Breeze partners with freight forwarders to integrate our proprietary technology into their operations to offer cargo insurance for every relevant shipment.

What Our Customers Say

Breeze has the potential to become a full extension of our operations- to be fully integrated into our customers' buying process and to take care of the insurance element, something that is very far from our core business. Breeze can also generate new revenue to our business which will be a welcome addition to our balance sheet.

Manchester Based Freight Forwarder

We love how quick, easy and simple it has become to proactively offer instant cargo coverage to our customers. Given we are not experts in offering insurance and all the associated intricacies, Breeze takes care of it all. This provides us with peace of mind along with satisfying our goals of being focused on providing our customers with the most rounded service offering. All this occurs with zero changes to our standard operating procedures and a hassle free end to end claims process.

London Based Freight Forwarder

As a charter company Breeze allows us to work with our customers (other carriers and freight forwarders) in order to ensure that the cargo they move for their customers is properly covered against damages during the journey. This allows us to provide better service, and avoid customers’ misconceptions that their cargo is insured by default. All of this is done seamlessly by using Breeze’s data-centric approach.

London Based Charter Company